Dulcinea Langfelder is creating new work!

/ Tuesday, 10 September 2013 /
Dulcinee  au studioBetween tours of Victoria and Dulcinea’s Lament, our artistic director went back to the studio working on something new this summer. Dulcinea delves into the realm of dreams this time, a subject which is so common –  and yet so mysterious…
Everyone dreams, even if we don’t remember doing so. Every artist is inspired by dreams, even if they aren’t aware of it – and we are all artists during the night. If we are deprived of dreaming, we don’t think as well and our health suffers greatly. Why do we need to tell ourselves crazy stories every night in order to survive? Dulcinea takes us to the space of dreams, curious to better understand this mysterious daily human activity. Pillow Talk, an essay on dreaming is an invitation to follow Dulcinea (dictaphone in hand) into this most intimate world. With her deeply multidisciplinary approach, she will awaken our senses in an original kind of creation... and sleep laboratory.

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