Victoria dances at CHUM and at the CHSLD Providence Notre Dame de Lourdes

/ Tuesday, 10 September 2013 /
, interpreted in seven languages, has won many awards, as well as hearts and minds all over the world by lifting taboos about aging.
Excerpts will be performed, for the very first time, in the hospital milieu, where the delicate humour of this piece will take on even more meaning. 
Three events to bring Victoria to hospital audiences, in partnership with the Quartiers Danses festival:
Round Table to discuss the relationship between the arts and healthcare, animated by Fabienne Cabado

Friday 20th september, 2 PM, Hôpital Notre-Dame, salon Jean-Sébastien Rousseau :
o    Mathieu St-Gelais, cultural délégué at CHUM
o    Mark Stolow, Caring Voices Coalition  
o    Isabel Mohn, choregrapher et dance-therapist
o    Dulcinea Langfelder, creator of Victoria
Round Table to discuss the creation of Victoria
Monday 23rd  september, 2 PM, CHSLD Providence Notre Dame de Lourdes, with:
o    Frédérique Dubois, cultural mediator, Festival Quartiers Danses
o    Nathalie Lagüe,recreationist at CHSLD Providence Notre-Dame de Lourdes
o    Dulcinée Langfelder, creator of Victoria
o    Anne Sabourin, performer chosen to carry the flame the role of Victoria.
Excerpt of Victoria performed live by Dulcinea Langfelder for Les journées de la Culture
Friday 27th September, 2 PM, Notre-Dame Hospital, salon Lucien-Lacoste

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