The Victoria project




Linking art to healthcare

The Victoria Project is a unique and innovative method of community outreach and audience development, in which an exceptional dance-theatre piece becomes a focal point, gathering major players in the struggle for quality of life in sickness and/or aging. This project brings this award-winning work to those who can most benefit from it: patients and those who care for them.

In 2015-2016, a pilot project was presented in seven Montreal boroughs with support from the Arts Council of Montreal, the City of

Montreal and l’APPUI pour les proches-aidants, and thanks to the commitment of many partners including the Alzheimer society and Culture pour tous.

Before the performances, workshops on non-verbal communication and seminars on creativity and memory loss were presented by our expert artists within various community structures.


With this preparation, we were able to reach our target audience and they were able to get the most out of this wonderful play that has thrilled audiences from Japan to Zimbabwe!