Pep Talk: anecdotes, pictures and reactions

Dulcinea was invited to participate in Pep Torres’s exhibition at Montreal HEC last week. The two creators invited us into the zone between the conscious and the unconscious, where ideas are born. 

They proved to the attendees, notably from C2MTL and Mosaic-HEC, that we can believe in the power of our imagination.

Below the text and the pictures about the opening of the exhibition. …What? You don’t know who Pep Torres is?

Thursday afternoon, Tata Room of Montreal HEC. Many objects are exposed: a synapse machine, aphrodisiac bedsheets, a certified anti-monster bed, etc. Intrigued, the first attendees begin to manipulate the inventions with wonder and curiosity.

At 5:30PM, over fifty people are attending. The opening of the exhibition starts with a presentation by Tere Romero, curator of the event. In a friendly and laid-back atmosphere, Pep Torres continues with a brilliant speech: “An idea is like a spark, which is difficult to bring down to Earth. […] Today, I present you the work of my last 15 or 20 years of creativity”. He explains that the disposition of the room reflects the two hemisphere of the brain: On one side, the intuitive, on the other, the rational. For him, “creativity occurs when you have to find a plan B”. 

Then C2MTL Barcelona’s ambassador introduces Dulcinea Langfelder, who enters the room. She presents Pep Talk, a dance between the cerebral hemispheres, punctuated by synapses and moments of confusion in the brain’s constant attempt to make sense of things. Dulcinea Langfelder performs her special blend of mime and dance with surprising sparks of light at the tip of her fingers. 

Cheers burst out of the room and reactions from the audience emerge: “I’ve been profoundly touched” declares an employee from HEC. “What freshness, she is brilliant!”, adds a regular participant of Mosaic’s ‘Happy Hour’, HEC’s hub of creativity and innovation.

It was a celebration of creative madness and the dissemination of ideas as an agent of liberation for us all. An audience member confided to us: “Life is creativity”. 

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