Dulcinea Langfelder is joined in this piece by Jean Maheux (as The Man Next Door). Langfelder and Maheux have pooled their artistic resources to fashion this eccentric and passionate life story from the elements of mime, dance, theater and song.

What happens when her universe/university is an American television? Her teachers: Walt Disney, Humphrey Bogart, and Groucho Marx? When you’re alone, and in a midlife crisis? One-on-one with a television, “The Lady Next Door” mocks life. In a world where myth and truth jostle like clothes in a dryer, she lets herself slip into the contradiction between her disappointment and her deep desire to live. 

This play has been presented more than a hundred times around the world and was even adapted for the cinema by Diane Poitras in 1996.

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Concept and choreography : Dulcinée Langfelder

Le Voisin : Jean Maheux

Direction : Alice Ronfard

Music :
I’m a Stranger Here, Myself : Kurt Weil/Ogden Nash, Piano : Claude Choinière
Concerto en sol majeur (G major) : Maurice Ravel