Imagine a woman who is only at home with a suitcase in her hand, who travels in a world without borders, geographical or temporal, a world that can only be found on stage. She looks at her life as that of a small ant — from the perspective of this state in which we sometimes find ourselves while travelling – with her suitcase under her arm, against which she collides, on which she grows up, with which she discusses and in which she finds her soul.

Through movement, humorous texts, songs and integration of image projections linked with the choreography, Dulcinea brings us to a wonderful journey in the heart of the unconscious.

A coproduction with the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Dulcinée Langfelder saute dans Potrait d'une femme avec valise
Portrait of woman with suitcase reflexion
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Portrait of a woman with suitcase - Teaser


Concept and interpretation : Dulcinée Langfelder

Direction: Jean Maheux

Technical team: Claude Désormeaux and Gaetan Duhammel

Music :
Originals compositions and arrangements: Christian Proulx
Gnossienne #4: Éric Satie, saxophone : Peter Richard
Something Cool: Billy Barnes, Piano: James Gelfin
Try a little tenderness: Harry M. Woods, guitar : Christian Proulx
Natural Woman: Carol King, accompaniment : Christian Proulx
Rainbow Sleeves: Tom Waits, saxophone : Peter Richard

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