A film by Dulcinea Langfelder

Canada | QC | 2022 | FR | Color | 75 min

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The film

The film is a cinematic adaptation of Victoria, a work originally created in 1999 for the stage, by Dulcinea Langfelder, pioneer of interdisciplinary stagecraft. Victoria has toured around the world in 7 languages, for over 20 years! Victoria takes on the subject of memory loss and end of life with humour and tenderness. Audiences of all cultures have found solace and solidarity in this work. 

For years, Dulcinea has been asked to produce a film version of the show. Now it will be immortalised for generations to come as part of Quebec’s artistic heritage. 



Having lost her memory, 90-year-old Victoria lives intensely the present moment, intermingled with memories, imagination, humour and fantasy.


Victoria has lost her memory. In her world, memories are as real as the present. A shadow of herself, Victoria is like a stage performer who’s forgotten her role; a kind of puppet, adapting herself to comic, dramatic and poetic situations as they present themselves. The orderly that takes care of her seems at times to be a friend, a foe, a father, son, brother… significant other…while her wheelchair becomes her rocking chair, her prison, her tango partner and even a flying chariot.


2023 – International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) – Official Selection – Feature-length films 

2023 – Annual Fine Arts Film Festival (FAFF) – Best Narrative Feature 

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Victoria, the film - Trailer


A film by Dulcinea Langfelder, Compagne des arts et des lettres du Québec 2022

With Dulcinea Langfelder and Éric Gingras

Based on an original creation of the same name, Victoria

Produced                                                                                    Dulcinée Langfelder & Cie

Director of photography
Sandrick Mathurin & Nikita Bershanski

Dulcinée Langfelder with Mirenda Ouellet & Éric Bilodeau

Éric Bilodeau

Sound editing
Nataq Huault with Charlie Poirier-Bouthillette & Ismael Elboujdaini

Sound mixing
Marc Di Tomasso

Éric Bilodeau

Special effects
Benjamin Broche

Director assistant
Justine Dorval & Valérie Palombo

1st camera assistant
Benjamin Gagné & Ollyndo Dieubon

2nd camera assistant
Karelle Goguen-Bancel & Laura Torres

Sound recordist
Jordan Valiquette-Labonté & Richard Saidon

Stage technical director
Vincent Santes

Stage technician
Danys Levasseur, Erik Lapierre, Laurent Fournier-Fortin & Patrice Daigneault

Directing consultant
Diane Poitras

Editing consultant
Dominique Sicotte

Julie Gauthier

Viktoria Bobovskaia

General manager
Suzanne Bilodeau

Administration and accounting
Julie Messier

Centre culturel Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Videos: Yves Labelle & Jimmy Lakatos


Opening music by Philippe Noireaut and Dulcinea Langfelder

« Tango » sang by Dulcinea Langfelder | Written and composed by Philippe Noireaut

« Padam, Padam » sang by Dulcinée Langfelder | Written and composed by Norbert Glanzberg and Henri Contet | Licensed from Universal Music Publishing

« My one and only » sang by Fred Astaire | Written and composed by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin | Licensed from Warner Chappell

« Cheek to Cheek » sang by Fred Astaire | Written and composed by Irving Berlin | Licensed from Concord Music

Other music: 

Electro acoustic music: Christian Calon

Pianos and arrangements: Philippe Noireaut
Vocals : Dulcinea Langfelder

Produced with the support of

Mylène Robillard from Centre Culturel Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.