A film by Dulcinea Langfelder

Canada | QC | 2021 | FR | Color | 112 min

To be released in 2022

The film project

The film is a recreation of Victoria, a work originally created in 1999 for the stage, by Dulcinea Langfelder, pioneer of interdisciplinary art. Victoria has toured in more than 15 countries, in 8 languages, for over 20 years! In creating the show, Dulcinea Langfelder wanted to find a way to talk about old age, loss of autonomy… and death, that would be neither morbid, frightening, nor depressing.

For years, Dulcinea has been asked to produce a film version of the show. Now it will be immortalized for generations to come as part of  Quebec’s artistic heritage. 



Having lost her memory, 90-year-old Victoria lives intensely a present intermingled with memories and imagination, humour and fantasy.


Victoria has lost her memory. In her world, time does not exist; memories are as real as the present. A shadow of herself, Victoria is like a stage performer who’s forgotten her role; a kind of puppet, adapting herself to comic, dramatic and poetic situations as they present themselves. The orderly that takes care of her seems at times to be a friend, an adversary, her father, son, brother, lover… while her wheelchair becomes her rocking chair, her prison, her tango partner and even a flying chariot.


A film with Dulcinea Langfelder and Eric Gingras

Based on an original creation of the same name, Victoria

Produced: Dulcinée Langfelder & Cie

Director of photography: Sandrick Mathurin & Nikita Bershanski

Dulcinée Langfelder

Sound editing and mixing
Bande à part with Nataq Huault

Special effects
Benjamin Broche

Director assistant
Justine Dorval & Valérie Palombo

1st camera assistant
Benjamin Gagné & Ollyndo Dieubon

2nd camera assistant
Karelle Goguen-Bancel & Laura Torres

Sound recordist
Jordan Valiquette-Labonté & Richard Saidon

Stage technical director
Vincent Santes

Stage technician
Danys Levasseur, Erik Lapierre, Laurent Fournier-Fortin & Patrice Daigneault

Directing consultant
Diane Poitras

Editing consultant
Dominique Sicotte

Production assistant
Viktoria Bobovskaia

General manager
Suzanne Bilodeau

Administration and accounting
Julie Messier

Centre culturel Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Videos: Yves Labelle


« Tango » sang by Dulcinea Langfelder | Written and composed by Philippe Noireaut

« Padam, Padam » sang by Dulcinée Langfelder | Written and composed by Norbert Glanzberg and Henri Contet | Licensed from Universal Music Publishing

« My one and only » sang by Fred Astaire | Written and composed by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin | Licensed from Warner Chappell

« Cheek to Cheek » sang by Fred Astaire | Written and composed by Irving Berlin | Licensed from Concord Music

Other music: 

Electro acoustic music: Christian Calon

Pianos and arrangements: Philippe Noireaut
Vocals : Dulcinea Langfelder

Produced with the support of

The PRIM’s creation program Mylène Robillard from Centre Culturel Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

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