Dulcinea Langfelder & Co.

The Company

Founded in 1985, in Montreal, Dulcinea Langfelder & Co. is a non-profit organization that has produced the following works: Cheek to Cheek (2018), Pillow Talk, an essay on dreaming (2016), Dulcinea’s Lament (2008), Victoria (1999), Portrait of a Woman with Suitcase (1994), Hockey! O.K.? (1990), The Lady Next Door (1989) and Vicious Circle (1986).

The company has toured extensively: 125 tours. Dulcinea has succeeded in transposing her texts (which are largely wordplay) into the language of the host country. She performs entire shows in French, English and Spanish, several scenes in Japanese and Mandarin; she makes every effort to establish a warm bond with the audience that receives it.

Art that does us good. This is the motto that Dulcinea Langfelder has inscribed at the heart of her works. All are of great sensitivity and exceptional artistic intelligence, as deeply thoughtful as they are stimulating. She plunges into the heart of the most delicate subjects with her humor so singular, mixing tenderness with the pungent. Her shows are universal in scope and reflect a vision of tolerance between people, of rapprochement between religions, between cultures and even between generations. Dulcinea has spent her career trying to make the world a better place, breaking down barriers, addressing human dilemmas, and crossing the boundaries of the possible. She has a knack for making beautifully visible what is there, before our eyes but which we do not always see.

Dulcinee Langfelder finger

Artistic approach

“Everyone asks me to define what I do in terms of a discipline, everyone except my audience. During a performance, it becomes obvious. The human imagination does not categorize – the proof is in the dreaming! We don’t have “speaking” dreams, “musical” dreams or “movement” dreams. We don’t have “traditional” dreams or “experimental” dreams. When we dream we mix everything up. What I do on stage simply reflects the normal functioning of the imagination. Imagery is not just pictures. Imagery speaks to us on a level which goes deeper than language and culture, and concerns all of our senses, since imagery is suggestive, and provokes our sense memory.”

The team

Suzanne Bilodeau Photo

Suzanne Bilodeau

General Manager (interim)

Vincent Santes Photo

Vincent Santes

Technical Director

Julie Messier

Julie Messier


Board of Directors

Tamaro portrait

Normand Tamaro


Mikael Vitali Photo

Mikael Vitali

Administrative director at Jamais Lu and Théâtre Aux Écuries

Anne-Marie Panneton photo

Anne-Marie Panneton

Coordinator of activitie, HEC Montreal

Paul Clement photo

Paul Clément

Development advisor at Paul Clément, GPP

Viktoria Bobovskaia

Program Manager & Doula

photo de dulcinée langfelder

Dulcinea Langfelder


Catherine Devost Photo

Catherine Devost

Chloe Gayraud Photo

Chloe Gayraud

Agent & Filmmaker

Philippe Beaudoin, Denise Boulanger, Marylène Breault, Danny Carbonneau, Patrice Daigneault, Bruno Desrosiers, Hans Nasserdine Djafer, Patrice Fleurant, Dino Giancola, Bruno Lavoie, Jimmy Lakatos, Erik Lapierre, Martin Lepage, Danys Levasseur, Martin Rouleau, Mathieu Teasdale, Yves Simard…

And our friends and co-workers :

Alexandre Escure, Alice Ronfard, Ana Cappelluto, Celia Moreno, Charmaine Leblanc, Christian Calon, Christine Huet, Éric Gingras, Gabriel Galvis, Jean Maheux, Jules De Niverville, Kamal Laidi, Lucie Gueydon , Louisa Temal, Maryse Pigeon, Perrette Subtil, Philippe Noireaut, Réal Bossé, Yves Labelle and all the others!