Dulcinea’s very first one-woman-show. 

With a single, powerful and highly symbolic object on stage, partnered by a (flawed) human being, this piece is about that imperfect human being’s confrontation with the perfection of the circle. It is essentially a quest for the meaning of life, as the character strives to understand the circle’s power and seeks to achieve its perfection, which is of course an impossible task. It is an existential and spiritual quest – a search for god, really – as the character explores her fears, her intellectual attempts to understand the understandable, her heartbreaks, her insecurity, her curiosity and her authentic desire to find her place in the cosmos.

It toured throughout Canada, in the U.S. and in France from 1986 to 1993.

Vicious Circle
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A word from the creator about re-creating Vicious Circle

“A young circus artist called me out of the blue some time back to ask me to help her with her first one-woman-show. She invited me to see her on stage. There I saw her doing the Roue Cyr. I had never seen this (relatively new) technique. I was stunned. What I saw on stage that night was something I was never able to do with my hoop, much as I would have loved to. It occurred to me that with my choreography and storyline, and a circus artist’s virtuosity with the hoop, we could reinvent the wheel !”

In collaboration with En Piste, Dulcinea will be working with circus artists, in the hopes of finding the right person to re-create her first work, to go full circle in her creative career and to share her rich experience with young artists.

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Concept and choreography : Dulcinée Langfelder

Texte : Dulcinea Langfelder and Alice Ronfard

Direction : Alice Ronfard

Music :

Ballad of Lily in Hell : Kurt Weill / Bertolt Brecht (lyrics re-written D. Langfelder)
Youkali : Kurt Weill / Roger Fernay. Piano : Claude Choinière
Je ne t’aime pas : Kurt Weill / Maurice Magre. Piano : Claude Choinière