Victoria is 20!

Victoria lifted by the orderly team

Victoria has lost her memory.
Victoria is a shadow of herself.

On January 24, 2020, this show celebrated its 20th anniversary and the 35th anniversary of the company Dulcinea Langfelder and Co. at the Centre Culturel Notre Dame de Grâce in Montreal!

It was a special evening, unforgettable, filled with tears and laughter. Undeniable proof that this show continues to reach the right audience at the heart.

In creating this show, Dulcinea Langfelder wanted to find a way to talk about old age, the loss of cognitive faculties and death, which is neither morbid, frightening nor depressing.

She did it!

In 20 years of international touring, Victoria has had more than 70 tours in 15 countries, totaling more than 500 performances and as many ovations! Long live again, Victoria!

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