Dulcinea Gives a “Pep Talk” During the C2 Montreal 2014

On May 28th and 29th, our favourite artist is invited to perform during Pep Torres’ exhibit, The Boundless Brain of the Creator, at HEC during the C2MTL. Discover Pep Talk, a light-hearted dance between the hemispheres of the brain.  A chance meeting with Pep Torres, an immediate affinity, a visit to the MIBA (Museum of Ideas and Inventions) in Barcelona and PING: an idea.

This light-hearted dance between the hemispheres of the brain, punctuated by synapses and moments of confusion in the brain’s constant attempt to make sense of things, will be called Pep Talk in honour of Pep Torres and his encouragement to thinkers and creators of all walks of life and all ages. 

The play of words also refers to Dulcinea’s new work in creation, Pillow Talk, an essay on dreaming whose subject matter is indeed related.

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