Pillow talk laying

After three presentations of works-in-progress during OFF – CINARS, C2MTL and the Festival Quartiers Danses, Dulcinea Langfelder & Co. is in residency at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal. During the summer, the team will finish building this new creation and adapt the show to the theatre that will host the launch of the english version in winter 2016. Two other residencies, in Jonquière and Baie Comeau, are also planned next winter before the premiere. 

Pillow Talk , an essay on dreaming is based on a collection of real dreams that Dulcinea recorded on a bedside dictaphone…in a state somewhere between the conscious and the unconscious. Like a whisper in the ear, the artist confides her sweetest and most outlandish dreams, to explore this “home entertainment center” that lies deep within us all. In her singular style the artist brings us a work woven with theater, dance, song and video projection. “Everyone dreams, even if we don’t remember doing so. Every artist is inspired by dreams, even if they are not aware of it – and aren’t we all artists during the night?” Dulcinea Langfelder.

We can’t wait to unveil this new creation, from March 29 to April 24, 2016 at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal!

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