VICTORIA, Building bridges between theatre and healthcare

Victoria open arms

As we announced a few weeks ago: Victoria makes its BIG come back in 2015 !

It is now official.  Thanks to the collaboration of the Arts Council of Montreal On Tour, the support of APPUI Montréal, the Alzheimer Society of Montréal, Culture for All, and the partnership with Culture and City Community, the adventure goes on with a new actress and new workshops in order to touch the public directly affected by the Alzheimer’s disease and aging! 

After touring from Japan to Zimbabwe, passing by the USA and Europe, Dulcinea Langfelder’s production makes its return to celebrate its 15th anniversary in Montreal next fall for an innovating show in theaters and Maisons de la culture in the metropolis. These free performances will be preceded by workshops on non-verbal communication (body language) and conferences that will be offered in health and community structures. These activities will help break down barriers between life and art. It will also help to create wellness in people affected by Alzheimer’s disease and encourage dialogue. A new approach that will surely delight! “Through simulations and playful exercises, the caregiver experiences, on the one hand, the way that people operate when verbal capacity fails; and on the other, the complexity of communication when our body language contradicts our words. […] the expertise acquired by Dulcinea Langfelder through her work with Victoria needs to be shared with family caregivers.”Sarah Guiges, head of the training program for caregivers, LeTemps d’une pause. 

Moreover, for the first time, Dulcinea hands over this magical role… to Anne Sabourin, the “new theatrical face of 2012”, according to Le Devoir. Anne masters a wide range of artistic techniques that allows her to combine theater with dance, mime and song. She has all the capabilities required to interpret Victoria with the accuracy and delicacy that this role requires. 15 years after its creation, Victoria is a piece that is ever more pertinent…an elder character that doesn’t grow old! We invite you to see Victoria New Generation this fall in Montreal!

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